My favorite tool that we learned about was TimeMapper and so that is the one I chose to play around with. I did alright with it for the most part. I forgot how to do a few things (like embed images) and there are somethings I didn’t attempt at all (like embedding videos or audio). Eventually I worked my way through the embedding, though. After I had put all of my information onto the spread sheet, I had a few issues publishing the website. Again, just looking back through the directions fixed my problem. The one major hang up that I had (and have still not resolved) is how to adjust the size of my images so that the entire image can be seen. It was obvious upon first glance at the completed timeline that only half of the image was visible. I tried going back through the imbedding code to adjust the size, but it helped very little. I’ll probably ask Joe about it on Wednesday, but I was completely frustrated by the time I had finished working on it. Overall, it was a pretty good experience. Besides the embedding hiccup, everything went just fine and was actually kind of fun! I could see using something like this in our website. I particularly like how it is a split screen- one half is the slide and timeline, the other half the map. Still, I’m a good deal more comfortable with delicate, old onion skin paper than I am with this new technology!


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