Huzzah! In what may be my greatest technological triumph to date, I figured out (by myself) how to edit my section of the website to include the subcategories that I wanted. Perhaps this can serve as my “Productive Failure” entry as well…

I knew that I wanted my page, “Those Who Stayed,” to have various subcategories. I broke them down as the following: Supporting the War, Education in a Time of War, Gender during the War, and Building during the War. The Building subpage was to have two different components under it: a description of the Studies Building on the Lake Eden campus with a discussion of the difficulties that arose during construction and one of the two interactive components that will be featured on our website. I knew I wanted these things, but I had no idea how to get them on the website. I didn’t really want to ask Joe, either, because I need to learn this on my own if I want to really retain the knowledge. It’s just how I roll. Also, I will have to build other WordPress sites in the future and really just need to learn how to work out my own problems. Anyway, I messed around on the website for quite a while with absolutely no progress before I found the “categories” option under the “Blogs” tab. Believing that I had found the correct method to produce my desired subcategories, I proceeded to create categories for all of these topics. I even included a nice little description on each page so anyone who looked at the website would understand my intentions for each subcategory. So I created these. All of them. I even put my “Those Who Stayed” page as the parent thinking that this would ensure my new categories displayed under the correct option on the main menu. Perhaps this should have been an obvious error to others, but not to me. Imagine my surprise and fury when they didn’t. I was absolutely ready to call it quits, but I remembered that this will not be my last WordPress site. I decided to give it another go.

Upon further inspection of the dashboard, I found “menus” under “Appearance.” When I went to “menus,” I realized that this is where all the pages were organized on the toolbar. Somehow, I needed to get my subcategories on here. After a few minutes I realized that I needed to create the pages first, so I went to “Pages” on the dashboard and proceeded to create my subcategories. Then, I went back to “menus,” added my new pages to the menu, and arranged them how I wanted them to appear. Now it is absolutely perfect! In hindsight, I’m glad I didn’t ask anyone for help. This was an incredible learning opportunity for me and I obviously proved to myself that I am perfectly capable of working through my own technological problems and challenges. Well, the minor ones, at least.

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