This Week’s Readings, Progress Update


Our readings this week gave me plenty to think about. “13 Right Now: This is What it’s Like to Grow Up in the Age of Likes, LOLs, and Longing” was shocking on many different levels. Of course I am aware of how life-consuming technology and social media can be, but looking at this world from the perspective of a 13 year old girl whose life and self-worth is determined by things like “likes” is kind of eye opening. It was also really sad, especially at the end. However, it does reinforce the ever-growing importance of technology, social media, and making your presence known. The other reading wasn’t quite as captivating, but it was interesting in a different way. The different parts of digital identity is certainly something to consider, especially as technology is becoming more and more important (even to historians). How we present ourselves online, how we brand ourselves, and how the digital world views us based on our searches, likes, shares, and friends is baffling. To be honest, it’s a little hard for me to understand! I have spent the last 29 years of life building and shaping who I am, and now I am apparently doing it all over again. This is both fun and uncomfortable.

For an update on progress: I haven’t been back to the archives in over a week as my car is refusing to run. However, I have typed up the first draft of my “Supporting the War” subcategory and put it up on our website. I have decided not to pursue “Gender in a Time of War.” I look forward to visiting the archives again this week and working on “Building in a Time of War” and “Education in a Time of War.” I already have a goodly amount of information on both, so I do not foresee either of these categories requiring an extensive amount of research beyond what I have already done. I do, however, need to consider what primary sources I will be digitizing. I also need to jazz up my main page of “Those Who Stayed.”


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