Work Over Spring Break

Research this week has been beyond productive. It appears that I have opened the flood gates of information this past week! I have completed two of my three “historical interpretations” that will go up on my section of the website and I believe I almost have enough information to do the third. These first drafts will of course require editing and revision, but I am nevertheless relieved to have the first drafts completed. They are up on the website if anyone is interested in checking them out. The “historical interpretation” aspect isn’t very difficult for me (once I have put in the time to find the primary sources), so most of my time for here on out will be spent either working on or learning how to work on the website. Aesthetically it is not the best at the moment, so I will need to make some decisions about what primary sources I wish to have digitized and put up on the website and how exactly I would like these sources to be laid out. I am eternally grateful that Heather has been so extremely helpful both in locating primary sources to build a narrative and in taking the initiative to scan high resolution images of documents that she thinks may be useful or attractive on the website. Heather has also been locating materials that will help both of my teammates. Since I have worked with and under her for a year now, this wasn’t exactly unexpected for me. However, I would still like to mention how amazing she is at what she does. As I type I have a whole packet of primary sources and images in my backpack to peruse through for information. There are also a couple of cool images mixed in there that I am considering using for one of the interactive components on the website.

Beyond that I don’t really have much more to report.  I expect to visit the archives again on Wednesday to make some decisions regarding images on the website.


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