Meeting with the Games Programming Teams

Today’s meeting with our games programming teams were EXTREMELY productive. There wasn’t many of us present (I was the only one from my team and both of the games programming teams were missing one or more members), but we got a very good idea of exactly what we wanted to do with the interactives. I actually went into the meeting with two interactives in mind since the two groups had to have separate projects. The projects were going to be a “building the Studies Building” game and an interactive map for the refugees that would go on Kiera’s part of the website. The second interactive wasn’t ideal since it took away one of the only chances we had to use another digital tool (StoryMaps or Timeline JS). However, the games groups had a great idea to split up building project into two separate parts so that they could collaborated on a single interactive but it still be two separate projects. I absolutely loved this idea! One group will work on the “mechanics” of the game (whatever that means) and the other group will work on the visual side of things. This frees up the interactive map so we can use another digital tool!

There is still plenty that needs to be done, but at this point we made as many decisions as possible. I told the groups I will get as many images of the building—inside and out—as possible and see if there are blueprints of the building at the archive. We tried to figure out what view I wanted the game to be presented from. The groups had plenty of ideas about how do go about this. They discussed using the blueprint as the main focus, having the player click on different parts of the blueprint to “build” the building or having the player kind of sample each stage of building—digging part of a ditch, laying cement, putting up part of the frame, etc. It’s a little confusing to put in writing, especially since I don’t really have the terminology for such things, but they left me with lots of things to consider. Overall, I am relieved after talking to them and working some things out. There are still lots of decisions to make and plenty of things to do, but we definitely got a good start.


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