First Drafts of Websites, Reviewing the UUCA Website

This past week we submitted the first draft of our website. I am less than pleased with a lot of the website, including the Home page, About page, and Additional Resources page. However, I did not have time to fix these so I will have to work harder on them in the weeks coming up. For the most part I am happy with my portion of the website. I need to add more images and edit my historical interpretations, but I made sure to cite everything as I wrote it and am fairly happy with the contents of my pages. I enjoyed seeing the UUCA’s website. They did a lot of things that I wouldn’t have necessarily thought of! It is also interesting to see a very different type of story being told.

I also spent time at the WRA yesterday. I knew finding images for my part of the website would not take too long so I spent this time finding images for the games programming folks instead. I have at least 20 images—if not more—flagged for Heather to scan. I also found original drawings of the building by the architect! These were super neat and gave me a better idea of how the building was intended to be used. Contrary to what I thought, the building did not have classrooms in them but rather a few apartments and student studies. I plan to go back this week to find the images that I want to use for the rest of the website. I will probably look for images for other pages as well, including the Home page and my “Those Who Stayed” page. Even though my section of the website is almost complete, there is so much left be done. I am starting to feel the stress of pulling this together before our presentations.


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