Productive Failure

This is a little past due, but I still wanted to make sure this blog post made it onto the site. My most productive failure came when I was trying to set up a right-side menu that would stay fixed on the page while the reader scrolled down. As some of you who looked at the BMC website before may remember, the sidebar menu was clunky and unattractive. As the date quickly approached to turn in our final drafts, I looked on the website and saw the menu still wasn’t fixed, so I decided to do it myself despite my lack of know-how. After I figured out how to remove the side menu that was up, I proceeded to try and put up a more attractive menu. Our theme didn’t really allow the sort of thing that I was looking for, so I proceeded to try and find a plugin. What would have taken a lot of people no more than half an hour to figure out took me well over an hour. A very long, painful hour.

The first plugin that I tried didn’t work. That is, after I installed it, activated it, and FINALLY located it on my WordPress dashboard, it didn’t work.  I don’t even remember what it did, I only know that it didn’t do what I needed. I found another plugin. Same issue. I installed and activated it but then I had to find where it went on my dashboard as it was not obvious. There may have been a third plugin in there before I finally found what I wanted. I finally got my sidebar menu that wasn’t enormous. I was able to create all the options that I wanted to place on that menu. The only problem was it didn’t stick on the page as you scroll down, which was a requirement for me. That actually took a whole separate plugin. After this last plugin was installed and I found it on the dashboard (I mean really, why can’t these all be in a very obvious place?!) my menu did exactly what I wanted it to. The whole process was extremely frustrating but I’m just happy that it doesn’t look terrible anymore.

Just don’t ask me how I did all this or what plugins I used. I haven’t the faintest idea.


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